Managing safety data sheets (SDS) is a challenging and time-consuming task for any company. But it should not be. MSDS software allows companies to:

  • Keeping up with regulatory compliance,
  • Save money by reducing errors,
  • Improve productivity by automating manual tasks.

Introduction to chemical safety data sheet software

A software for
chemical safety data sheets
is a program for managing all chemical product information. This type of safety data sheet (SDS) management software helps companies meet regulatory compliance and other safety requirements for managing their chemicals while maintaining GHS compliance.

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The advantages of safety data sheet software

An MSDS software is a great tool for creating SDSs. It can be used by anyone, regardless of their level of experience and familiarity with chemical safety data sheets. This software will help you quickly create and publish SDSs, print them, send them, edit them, translate them, and manage the archive. It also integrates with other software (such as major ERPs) to automate workflow. You will be able to focus entirely on the activities that are most important to your production!

Improved productivity and efficiency of your chemical business

When using the
SDS software
, you save time and effort. It is no longer necessary to fill out all safety data sheets manually. You can choose from predefined models that already comply with the regulations of different countries. By accessing the database of Chemilla, linked with the ECHA database, you will be able to directly import all the information about the chemicals you are interested in.

Safety data sheet software also helps ensure that everyone in your organization has access to the same information. Through Chemilla’s cloud technology, you can access the security card you need from any device, even while you’re smart working!

Reduce costs

The biggest advantage of creating your SDSs through specific MSDS software is the savings in time and money. The costs of creating an SDS using SDS software are much lower than those required to hire a consultant. Plus, you will speed up the process of creating and sending, translating and archiving. A saving in time is always a gain in money!

Fewer errors in safety data sheets

Mistakes are costly, so you cannot afford to waste time. Chemilla MSDS creation software will help you avoid them! The team of F1 Consulting & Services that developed Chemilla is constantly working to keep the MSDSs up to date with the latest GHS regulations.


Chemilla: your safety data sheet software!

Chemilla is a program that helps keep track of chemical safety and simplifies the creation of
labels and documents in different languages
. It is a cloud-based software that allows users to manage all HSE and GHS aspects of chemicals while staying up-to-date with new regulations.

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