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Chemilla software in cloud EHS per la Compliance chemical in tutto il mondo. Compliance Regulation per documenti trasporto merci pericolose ed etichette di pericolo | PLM, Hazex, PCN, SDS, UDI IFRA, ECHA

SDS in over 30 languages

Chemilla allows you to calculate the GHS classification of chemical products, creates the relevant SDS and generates the UFI for automatic notification to the Poison Control Center.

Regulations supported

Chemilla currently supports the following regulations

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A centralized solution for creating, printing, tracking Safety Data Sheets and GHS labels.

Developed with

With the support of chemical regulatory professionals
for chemical regulatory professionals.

Features available

 CloudOn Premise
Create and manage a proprietary database of substances
Consult the database of harmonized substances provided with the software
Create and manage a proprietary database of blends
Calculate the GHS classification according to:  
HazCom 2012 (USA)
GB 30000.2-29-2013 (Cina)
Automatic assignment of ADR/IMDG/IATA/DOT classification*
Calculate SDS according to specific regulations
Template multi-company
Export SDS in different languages
Sharing of documents via email and web portal
Create UFI
Notify PCN S2S 
Download notify PCN
Updated periodically
Accessible everywhere 
Back-up automatic 

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