App Chemilla GHS, il software Cloud Based di F1 Consulting & Services per Compliance Normativa dei prodotti chimici in tutto il mondo Chemilla software in cloud EHS per la Compliance chemical in tutto il mondo. Compliance Regulation per documenti trasporto merci pericolose ed etichette di pericolo | PLM, Hazex, PCN, SDS, UDI IFRA, ECHA

What is?

Chemilla is a cloud application that allows you to be compliant with HSE regulations.

Integrates with the main ERPs on the market (SAP, Microsoft BC, Odoo, …) and with all devices connected to the network, such as printers, terminals and labelers.

Accessible through a web browser, Chemilla integrates with the entire corporate architecture and allows you to quickly respond to regulatory and customer requests.


These are some advantages that Chemilla offers


SDS International

By selecting the regulation of interest, Chemilla prepares a model compliant with the legislation in force. The SDS can be printed in all supported languages.

UFI e Notify PCN

Chemilla communicates directly with ECHA to assign the UFI code to your products, verify the UFI of MiMs and notify PCN dossiers to the European Poison Center.

Internal collaboration tools

Chemilla has an internal workspace to connect various team members and facilitate internal collaboration and information tracking.

Remote access

Thanks to the cloud architecture, Chemilla will be available anywhere and from any device and platform. Working in Smart mode has never been easier.

Avoid slowdowns

Process automation and integration with other company systems make it possible to avoid bottlenecks, optimizing production and thus reducing costs.


Chemilla adapts to any company, small, medium or large. Thanks to the Agile development methodology it is possible to quickly implement new modules and regulations.

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A centralized solution for creating, printing, tracking and approving Safety Data Sheets and GHS labels

Regulations supported

Chemilla currently supports the following regulations

Work Method

Let's reach the goal together!

What do you need?
What do you need?
We understand that needs vary according to the size and type of each business. Book a call with our experts, tell us about your business processes and we will study together how to optimize your processes when it comes to regulatory obligations that your organization must monitor and comply with.
Evaluation and action plan
Evaluation and action plan
Together we will create an action plan that fits your needs and timelines. The work of the past years will be transferred to Chemilla, without causing loss of data and knowledge.
We will set up the working environment in Chemilla, so that you can start working on it as soon as possible. In the meantime we will take care of the necessary customizations and the development of any other modules required.
We know how challenging change is. For this reason, we will plan a training and coaching program that will allow you to familiarize yourself with Chemilla and get to know all its features
Once you start working with Chemilla, we will be available to support you in case of need or new developments. A dedicated team will always be at your disposal to build a long-lasting relationship.

Sfrutta gli strumenti di collaborazione e automazione per migliorare la qualità del lavoro

Agile work system

Savings in time and costs, avoiding any possible non-compliance problem

Remote connection

Cost reduction, high reliability and tools always available

Cloud architecture

The benefits for your company

Chemilla is designed so that you can focus on the important aspects of your work, without worrying about updates, complex configurations, architecture or backups.