HSE, or Health, Safety & Environment. Literally “Health, Safety and Environment,” the acronym refers to all those systems or people who are dedicated to the safety of people and the environment in business.

Health, Safety & Environment

The acronym HSE goes along with the different professional figures. For example, the HSE Specialist deals with solving problems that affect the safety of the working environment, in terms of workers’ health and environmental protection, while the HSE Manager is the professional figure responsible for organizing and defining a business strategy that anticipates security risks.

HSE Compliance

Similarly, the concept of Health, Safety & Environment can be applied to regulatory compliance, going to all those regulations that affect health, safety and environment.
Every company is required to comply with HSE regulations, and companies working with chemicals in particular must handle this carefully, as they must also implement the GHS regulation.

GHS: Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals

Companies working with chemicals must comply with GHS regulations.

“Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals,” the GHS is an internationally agreed standard administered by the United Nations created to standardize patterns of classification and labeling of hazardous materials.

In fact, for chemicals, there are specific regulations governing their handling and the documentation attached to them in order to use, transport and place them on the market.
All this in order to protect Safety, Health and the Environment. This is why the GHS regulations for chemicals fall under the broader area of HSE complicity.

How to manage chemicals: regulatory compliance

To maintain HSE compliance when working with chemicals, it is important to adhere to all the directions of the GHS standard. In practice, this means that for every hazardous substance that you use, transport or trade, you must:

  • Classifying the danger
  • Drafting a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
  • Print compliant hazard labels
  • Forwarding the IPA notification to the Poison Control Center

Software that automates processes while ensuring regulatory compliance can be used to facilitate these processes and ensure HSE compliance when dealing with chemicals.

HSE software for chemicals

HSE Software enables the management of chemical risk and chemical agents in the workplace.

In particular, they enable the rapid application of GHS standards through the automatic creation of Safety Data Sheets (SDS), labels and other documentation.

Why rely on specific software for GHS compliance?

Those who have worked in the chemical industry for years can already guess the answer. Relying on software that manages GHS compliance for you allows you to avoid any kind of error. Standards will always be met, in accordance with the most up-to-date regulatory compliance.

Updating the software with compliance with the latest standards is one of the less obvious but more important benefits associated with using an application for the HSE management: this will allow you to never incur malfeasance and consequent penalties, without taking on the burden of changing your SDS templates for chemicals or other templates. It will all happen automatically through the software update.

HSE Compliance

Chemilla: HSE for chemical products

is a cloud-based HSE compliance management software for chemicals. Our solution, developed by the team of
F1 Consulting & Services
, was designed after years of work in the field of business consulting. In particular, Chemilla was born out of an ongoing dialogue carried on with companies working with chemicals to solve their specific problems.

it is possible to manage the entire HSE complicity for chemicals, standardizing the necessary documents to the GHS standard. For example, with Chemilla you can create with one click a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) that follows EU CLP, US HazCom or China regulations and translate it into more than 30 languages! With the same ease, you can also create and print labels, again in compliance with the HSE accomplice.

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, work will be even easier thanks to the possibility of
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Chemilla is a valuable tool for companies working with chemicals.
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