We all have a lot of data to keep track of, both for our business and for personal use. And this data comes in many different forms: documents, photos, video files, and probably even types of data not yet invented! The good news is that we live in the digital age , and there are many tools out there to help you easily manage all your data. If you work with chemicals, you add to all the normal data related to the safety of those who handle, transport or use your products. Therefore, an international standard (GHS) has been drafted to regulate the handling of information important to the health of people and the environment by including it within MSDSs. If you’re looking for a way to streamline your business processes and chemical information management, adopting MSDS software is the right choice!

In this article we will see what benefits SDS software can offer your company.

Why do you need safety data sheet software (an SDS software)?

There are a number of reasons why it is advisable to rely on safety data sheet software:

  • allows it to remain compliant with GHS regulations;
  • saves time;
  • As a result, it also saves you money;
  • will help you keep your SDS documents in order. This means that when someone requests a chemical safety data sheet, they will receive exactly what they need, in the format and language they need!


How does chemical safety data sheet software work?

Some cloud-based scorecard software, such as Chemilla, can be used on both desktop and mobile devices. Once you have downloaded the software, or logged in via browser, you can create and manage chemical safety data sheets, generate, print and submit SDS documents and store them in your database.

The benefits of using safety data sheet software (SDS software) include:

  • The ability to create an electronic library of all your safety data sheets.
  • Manage information related to their chemical products.
  • Keep MSDSs up-to-date with any new information on chemicals used or useful data (such as emergency contact number).
  • Update the structure of SDSs and information according to the latest MSDS regulation to keep the documents compliant with GHS legislation at all times.

MSDS software: all the advantages

The SDS software can help you reduce paperwork, reduce risk of noncompliance, increase productivity, and ensure that your SDS documents are in the correct format and language.

1. Reduce paperwork

Paperwork can be reduced by using MSDS software.

SDS software such as Chemilla allows you to complete SDSs online, filing and sending SDSs directly to your customers. Chemilla also allows you to translate your chemical safety data sheet into over 30 languages and adapt the structure according to country-specific regulations: CLP ATP 17 (EU), HazCom 2012 (US) and GB 30000.2-29-2013 (China).

2. Get rid of human error

The second advantage of a software SDS is that it helps you get rid of possible human error. When dealing with hazardous materials and chemicals, there is no room for error. With Chemilla’s database, linked toECHA, you can retrieve all the data automatically, avoiding errors in SDS compilation or data transcription.

3. Stay compliant.

The most important reason for using MSDS software is to remain compliant at all times. Failure to comply with GHS regulations can bring significant penalties, but that is not the only problem. Incorrect communication of chemical hazards can create serious harm to the health of people handling or transporting your products and to the surrounding environment.

Use the right software for the job. It is important to choose a program that will help you organize your chemical safety data sheets, keep them up-to-date and file them properly. If you don’t have an SDS management system yet, check out Chemilla’s free demo!

4. An MSDS, all languages and formats.

MSDS software such as Chemilla allows you to automatically translate your chemical safety data sheets into more than 30 languages. With a single MSDS you will then have all the formats and languages you need to have your products travel across national borders. Chemilla will also automatically adapt the format of SDSs according to the main regulations: CLP ATP 17 (EU), HazCom 2012 (US) and GB 30000.2-29-2013 (China).

Safety Data Sheets: why should I rely on SDS software?

If you are looking for a way to simplify your business, MSDS software is the right idea. It can help you manage your SDS documents and remain compliant with national and international regulations. It will save you time and money in the long run.

But GHS compliance software can do more than just manage SDSs: GHS labels, UFI notifications, and more. Discover all the features of Chemilla, the safety data sheet software developed by
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